History Of Network Marketing

Network marketing, also know multi-level marketing is a 200-billion-dollar industry, with more than 90 million people involved in its operations, and tens of thousands more getting involved each year.

So, you must be wondering, what’s precisely network marketing is and how long it has been around?

While this term can be a bit confusing, this is quite a lucrative industry. For that reason, we will try to explain the brief history of network marketing and what this business model stands for.

How did everything start?

We could say that everything started when a man Carl Rehnborg, back in 1930’ started his own company. While staying in China between 1917 and 1927, he became aware of the benefits of supplements in the human diet and the additional health benefits they provide people.


When he returned to America, he launched a company, “The California Vitamin Company.” Later in 1939, he rebranded his business to Nutrilite, and six years later, Carl invented a network marketing strategy to increase the sales of his company.

The next turning point was when two consultants Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, became distributors of the Nutrilite supplements and noticed the significant potential of this business as the sales were growing at an exponential rate. For that reason, they established a competing company Amway and purchased a controlling interest in Nutrilite in 1972. In 1994 Amway took over entire ownership of Nutrilite, and it’s one of the biggest companies nowadays.

What is network marketing?

Multi-level marketing is a different way of selling products to a consumer. In a traditional approach, manufacturers make products, which they sell to retail shops, and then stores resell products to end-users.

However, in the case of network marketing, the product is directly sold to end consumers, cutting out the retail shop. So, instead of spending money on advertising, companies use those funds to pay customers for recommending their products. This is a much cleaner way of doing business and can bring you a significant profit.

The power of network marketing

In 2006, Yahoo conducted a poll where nearly two-thirds of U.S. citizens declared they would gladly earn their income from home business. On a daily basis, we are continuously approached by someone selling the newest home product, vitamin, skincare, and so on.

This has become one of the most effective strategies currently available on the market, and it’s the vision many companies follow. However, you need to follow specific guidelines, as well as rules, to develop a proper marketing campaign.


Networking is highly beneficial because it allows everyone a chance to start their unique business. However, nearly 95% of them fail because they never really tried to succeed. Even though the success rate is quite low, network marketing is quite popular these days.

People are starting to realize that job security no longer exists, while the job market is continuously shrinking. Additionally, the world population is growing, and network marketing is all about people. The next 50 years are going to be a very exciting time because we will see a new wave of billionaires, but also a lot of people struggling to stay financially independent.
Therefore, internet marketing might become a necessity in modern society.

Is this a pyramid scheme?

Many people compare these two, but, in fact, they are entirely different. With network marketing, you are selling a particular product, while with a pyramid scheme, money is the product, and it’s also illegal.

What is direct selling?

Direct selling involves selling products face to face, and people don’t get paid on multiple levels. The best example is the company, Avon.

Business Ideas For Women

Even the most motivated business women struggle on a business idea. While some business ideas flow freely, and they never see the light of the day, others are vague and sketchy and never fully explored.

Depending on what you have in mind, the right business ideas for women can help you start your own company, and eventually experience the benefits of your work.

Nowadays, a lot of women decide to become self-employed, but they aren’t sure what type of business to launch. To help you discover your priorities, you may want to answer the following questions:

Why do you need to get out of business?
What are your preferences?
Are there some things you would like to learn?
What are your skills and expertise?

Therefore, if you want to cut down your costs and start lightly, then here are some home-based business ideas you should explore.

eBay entrepreneur

With the use of the right marketing tools, you can sell almost anything on eBay. This massive giant of e-commerce still remains to be affordable, while you can sell various products, from broken tools to real estate.


For example, one of the great business tips no one will share with you is that you can find an online store going out of business or offering discounted prices, buy like many items as you can, and then sell them on eBay. If you spend approximately 30 hours on eBay sales, then you could earn up to $2,000.While this doesn’t sound like much money, over the course of the year, you could earn as much as working a full-time job.


Mediators are people who are trying to reconcile differences between two parties, to prevent costly litigation or arbitration. Compared to arbitrators, mediators don’t favor one party over another. In the majority of states in the U.S., there is no particular license required to become a mediator.

However, if you want to become a mediator, then you will have to be great at networking among lawyers.

Mediators usually charge up to $100 per hour, but this rate mostly depends on your location, as well as experience. You may get in touch with the American Arbitration Association to get familiar with the requirements of becoming a peacemaker.

Customer service



you have a pleasant voice, great communication skills, and are attentive to details, then you should consider launching a home-based telephone answering service. However, depending on the service you are providing, weekday, weekend, or after-hours, phone services usually charge about $200 per month for managing after-hour calls.The initial costs usually include license, phone service, and marketing.

Mini school service

A lot of moms have issues riding their kids to school. On the other hand, plenty of neighborhoods don’t have bus service established, while car lines can take up to 45 minutes to reach the destination. Therefore, many women decide to start a service similar to Uber.

You can purchase a minivan with seven seats and drive other people’s kids to school. They can pay you a monthly fee, and is a great little side job since you are already driving your kids to school.

Real estate

Starting a real estate agency is one of the top business ideas for women, looking to make money and gain financial independence. It’s a relatively low-risk investment, which enables you to earn income without spending too much time.

The best of all, you don’t require previous knowledge or necessary skills to become a real estate agent. On the other hand, you can take another approach by flipping the properties and selling them for a much higher price. You can buy real estate by using many financing options available on the market, such as a mortgage, private money lenders, and so on.

Online Business For Students

Are you in need of some extra cash to get you through your studies? Well, who isn’t! Luckily, with internet expansion, finding a job has never been easier.
Nowadays, anyone with a computer can start making money. And, compared to traditional employment, here you don’t need experience. With the help of a tool, you can build your online business, which makes technical work much easier than it was in the past.

Online business for students allows you to live almost anywhere, manage your own schedule, and work as much as you want. Now, let’s look at some job opportunities and discuss how you can start an online business.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is based on a simple idea; in fact, you don’t have to maintain a large inventory of products or handle shipping. This takes away financial risks or having a full warehouse of goods you are unable to sell. Basically, you don’t have to manufacture, nor store any of these products.


The only thing you should focus on is marketing and finding reliable customers who are willing to buy your goods. Once you have completed this step, you should find a company that specializes in drop shipping.

So, here is how this works:

List products on your website

When a customer purchases a particular product, you buy this item from a drop shipping company for a lower price. In this case, you are only forwarding the order from your customer without taking any risks.

The drop shipper is then responsible for sending the product to the customer.

Affiliate marketing

In some cases, affiliate marketing is similar to drop shipping. With this e-commerce model, you don’t have to maintain the stock of goods or have to worry about shipping costs. Affiliate marketing involves picking a profitable niche for your online business, and then you find a partner who sells available products in that niche.
The popular affiliate sites you can explore are Amazon, Clickbank, and CJ Affiliate. Here you can find almost any information available about the digital product or physical one. A lot of companies such as Home Depot, or Wal-Mart utilize these affiliate programs, thought third-party affiliate websites.

With the help of affiliate marketing, you can offer goods for sale on your website or blog. Considering each product is tied to a unique link, which tracks back to your account with your affiliate partner.


Any potential client who clicks on the link is redirected to your affiliate partner’s website. Once the customer finalizes purchase, you earn a commission. The amount depends on your deal with the affiliate partner. But it’s usually between 5% and 25%.

The only difference between affiliate marketing and drop shipping is the fact that this business model is even more hands-off. You only have to provide a link; which customers use to purchase a product.

However, marketing is an essential part of this process because it raises awareness and gets potential customers to buy the products you are writing about.


If you love writing and have a passion for particular things, then you can start a blog. There are a couple of services, such as Blogger, where you can start your blog for free. On the other hand, launching your website and securing hosting for a low price, is generally recommended route, since a lot of free blogging sites come with restrictions, such as advertising, or making money.

While blogging is all about writing, reposting news, or using links, your content must be genuine. Additionally, you need to target a particular audience and post articles on a regular basis.

Nomad Jobs

Have you ever dreamed of visiting pyramids in Egypt? Or, maybe you would rather relax on some exotic beach, or walk through massive Japanese cities? While all these travel destinations sound amazing, let’s be realistic, how could you even afford all these trips?

Wouldn’t be nice to get paid to travel the world? Is that even a possibility?

Well, sort of, maybe you won’t have paid travel, but you might get paid while traveling. Some people spend their time traveling the world while working online or taking so-called nomad jobs.
They don’t have secure employment, and instead of a full-time job, they teach English or provide guided tours in foreign countries.

Now, if you ever considered this type of lifestyle, here are a couple of options you can explore.


In a lot of cases, the majority of nomad positions you will encounter are designed for programmers. They write computing codes for different things, such as websites, software, and apps. Although they speak one or more computer languages required to create a digital interface, it’s safe to say that this line of work is associated with other job positions as well.

And, as the digital market continues to strive, the need for talented programmers increases too. The great benefit of this job is the fact that you can perform it independently, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

For that reason, you better avoid rural parts of Asian and Africa.

Website developer

This is a rather specific form of programmer since website developers are considered digital artists also. They as well require coding language to perform work, but they mostly focus on developing, fixing, and maintaining websites.

Web developers use code with some kind of coding language or utilize management systems such as WordPress. Additionally, they create and design style, look, layout, and other features of the website. Let’s not forget bugs and fixes; every time the site slows down or is unusable in some way.

For that reason, developers are responsible for testing, building, and developing web pages and ensuring the proper functionality of the website.

SEO specialist

These days SEO is a hot topic in the internet world. Everyone wants to hit the first page of the search engine, and without SEO implementation, that might not be possible. In short, SEO helps the website stand out and gets more traffic.

Therefore, SEO specialists ensure that the site’s layout and architecture contain specific codes, as well as highly researched keywords. Additionally, he also highlights particular areas where the web page is failing to attract more attention. These types of skills are relatively easy to learn, considering a lot of people understand the importance of SEO.

Woman Working On Laptop

However, in a highly competitive market, it is becoming rather challenging to rank a website and achieve optimal results with search engine optimization. For that reason, people who’ve mastered these skills are highly valuable these days.

Therefore, to become an expert, no one will tell all the perks because this is a process of trials and errors.

Language teacher

As long as you are a native English speaker, you can find a job on every corner. Now that Asian countries have gone mad about the English language, you have a rather large market to explore. On the other hand, you can teach this subject in almost any country in the world.

However, you will need to have a unique set of skills, organize online classes, and sell it to people. Additionally, your course may contain videos, a curriculum, on an e-book, where you explain everything in detail. This is a great way to earn money because you will create content only once.

Difference Between Inbound And Outbound Marketing

If you are interested in marketing trends, then you’ve probably heard of terms such as inbound and outbound marketing. But, do you know what they actually mean?
Marketing professionals are famous for making up the words since they want to convince potential clients to purchase a particular product, and in the majority of cases, this technique works.

On the other hand, inbound and outbound marketing aren’t just words, considering they directly impact the market and customers’ needs, as well as demands.For that reason, in this article, we will discuss the difference between inbound and outbound marketing, and help you understand these terms better.

What outbound marketing stands for?

In general sense, inbound marketing is what we know as a traditional form of marketing. For example, it’s repetitive and imposes itself to an audience, whether they want it or not. These days, the most common examples are radio and TV ads, banners, newspapers, billboards, magazines, pop-ups, and others.

Difference Between Inbound And Outbound Marketing
However, in the last couple of years, this type of advertising has fallen out of favor due to internet progress. People stopped noticing display ads. Additionally, ad blocker apps have only made things worse. A lot of experts believe that broadcast, outdoor, and print are overrated marketing tactics and not popular anymore.

What inbound marketing stands for?

Inbound marketing is a relatively new form of advertising, where marketers try to attract new customers with appealing content. Also, this technique is called content marketing and involves social media, blog posts, white papers, infographics, email newsletters, and other forms of content people want to read.

On the other hand, marketers apply search engine optimization and paid to discover content online. If the content is engaging enough, readers will interact with it, share it, and form a positive impression. All these features later might affect purchasing decisions.

Keep in mind that inbound marketing is quite indirect and hands-off, and there is never a noticeable sales pitch. But, it increases customer’s engagement with a brand and basically nudges people to buy a specific product or service.

Which one is more effective?

Nowadays, we can say that inbound marketing is by far more fashionable, while nearly 71% of companies around the world are focused on this form of advertising. Most certainly, inbound offers a more superior ROI, and it’s 62% less expensive compared to outbound.

However, we can hardly measure the effectiveness of inbound marketing. In most cases, the majority of strategies rely on increasing brand awareness, while at the same time, they provide value and not giving the hard sell. Therefore, it’s quite challenging to determine how well your strategy will work.


On the other hand, the biggest con of traditional marketing is its price. Also, it’s not very responsive, and you aren’t targeting a specific audience. Basically, marketers spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns, send it out into the world, while they hope for the best.

For that reason, most companies neglect outbound marketing because it won’t help them increase sales. And, let’s be honest, telemarketing will hardly ever make sense for the majority of the brands.

Things such as contextual ads, retargeting pixels, and Lookalike Audience enable Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Twitter to display ads, which target customers based on their interests.

How to find the right marketing strategy for you?

In most cases, the best marketing strategy for your company will be the one that works. You should always explore new things, and note changes, for the better or for worse. Please, be aware that the audience changes also, so, what worked two years ago, might not work now.People get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. Therefore, it might be wise to combine inbound and outbound marketing to achieve the optimal results.

How To Start A Furniture Business?

Starting a furniture business is similar to any other type of business. So, before you get into things such as business plan, location, permits, and licenses, you should consider motivation, as well as the reasons why you are starting this company.

A lot of people go into custom design furniture business because it brings a lot of opportunities, as well as profit.

Nowadays, everyone wants to have a unique piece of furniture, and that costs a lot of money. Therefore, if you have considered your options and want to know how to start a furniture business, then we have a couple of suggestions for you.

Start from the beginning H2

While formal education is desirable, it won’t determine the success of your business. In fact, you should realize that customers want furniture designed according to their needs, and as long as you can deliver that, your company will thrive.


However, here are a couple of tips you should follow, which might help achieve profit and run a successful business.

Budget H3

Establishing how much money you’ll need to launch a business is a challenging task. When you are a beginner, you should focus customer’s requirements, not wants. For instance, you can open an office in an attractive location, but that might cost you a lot of money to get off the ground.

On the other hand, an online store might be a better alternative. In this case, you will work directly with customers for less money.

Don’t decide anything until you discover the customer’s demands

Even if you thoroughly research the market, and you may think you understand customers’ tastes, you might be surprised by what models are in demand and what’s currently popular. Therefore, you may try offering different pieces of furniture, as well as services. Don’t limit yourself to one design only until you have some experience, to understand your clients’ needs.

Day-to-day task H3

Discounting and marking pieces of furniture, taking care of the inventory, managing customer service, warehouse space, as well as sales, are part of the furniture business. All these commitments will get in your way and prevent you from committing to actual design work, so you won’t have much time to create furniture.If you don’t want your business to suffer, then you will have to hire some help.

Review market H3

Having an online shop, either exclusively or along with the physical one, can help you sell your furniture across the globe. However, selling furniture overseas involves shipping costs, customs clearance, and others.

Write a mission statement H2

With an excellent mission statement, you will set yourself apart from the competition. For instance, you should consider your initial goals and stick to them. Along the way, you should determine the most ideal ways to invest your money, to further boost your passion for furniture.


If you want to create a powerful missions statement, then answering these questions might help you:

Why do you want to start this type of company?
Is this a short-term or long-term business?
What unique values you have to add to an already saturated market?

Additionally, decide how do you want to sell your products. You can either open a shop and design affordable pieces or make custom furniture, which can be sold through someone else’s brick and mortar store.

Set a fair price H2

Determining the price is the next important step in this process. This doesn’t only include materials, but also the actual value and manufacturing quality. Therefore, setting up the price might determine the success or failure of your business.Again, it all depends on the furniture you want to sell.