Nomad Jobs

Have you ever dreamed of visiting pyramids in Egypt? Or, maybe you would rather relax on some exotic beach, or walk through massive Japanese cities? While all these travel destinations sound amazing, let’s be realistic, how could you even afford all these trips?

Wouldn’t be nice to get paid to travel the world? Is that even a possibility?

Well, sort of, maybe you won’t have paid travel, but you might get paid while traveling. Some people spend their time traveling the world while working online or taking so-called nomad jobs.
They don’t have secure employment, and instead of a full-time job, they teach English or provide guided tours in foreign countries.

Now, if you ever considered this type of lifestyle, here are a couple of options you can explore.


In a lot of cases, the majority of nomad positions you will encounter are designed for programmers. They write computing codes for different things, such as websites, software, and apps. Although they speak one or more computer languages required to create a digital interface, it’s safe to say that this line of work is associated with other job positions as well.

And, as the digital market continues to strive, the need for talented programmers increases too. The great benefit of this job is the fact that you can perform it independently, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

For that reason, you better avoid rural parts of Asian and Africa.

Website developer

This is a rather specific form of programmer since website developers are considered digital artists also. They as well require coding language to perform work, but they mostly focus on developing, fixing, and maintaining websites.

Web developers use code with some kind of coding language or utilize management systems such as WordPress. Additionally, they create and design style, look, layout, and other features of the website. Let’s not forget bugs and fixes; every time the site slows down or is unusable in some way.

For that reason, developers are responsible for testing, building, and developing web pages and ensuring the proper functionality of the website.

SEO specialist

These days SEO is a hot topic in the internet world. Everyone wants to hit the first page of the search engine, and without SEO implementation, that might not be possible. In short, SEO helps the website stand out and gets more traffic.

Therefore, SEO specialists ensure that the site’s layout and architecture contain specific codes, as well as highly researched keywords. Additionally, he also highlights particular areas where the web page is failing to attract more attention. These types of skills are relatively easy to learn, considering a lot of people understand the importance of SEO.

Woman Working On Laptop

However, in a highly competitive market, it is becoming rather challenging to rank a website and achieve optimal results with search engine optimization. For that reason, people who’ve mastered these skills are highly valuable these days.

Therefore, to become an expert, no one will tell all the perks because this is a process of trials and errors.

Language teacher

As long as you are a native English speaker, you can find a job on every corner. Now that Asian countries have gone mad about the English language, you have a rather large market to explore. On the other hand, you can teach this subject in almost any country in the world.

However, you will need to have a unique set of skills, organize online classes, and sell it to people. Additionally, your course may contain videos, a curriculum, on an e-book, where you explain everything in detail. This is a great way to earn money because you will create content only once.