Difference Between Inbound And Outbound Marketing

If you are interested in marketing trends, then you’ve probably heard of terms such as inbound and outbound marketing. But, do you know what they actually mean?
Marketing professionals are famous for making up the words since they want to convince potential clients to purchase a particular product, and in the majority of cases, this technique works.

On the other hand, inbound and outbound marketing aren’t just words, considering they directly impact the market and customers’ needs, as well as demands.For that reason, in this article, we will discuss the difference between inbound and outbound marketing, and help you understand these terms better.

What outbound marketing stands for?

In general sense, inbound marketing is what we know as a traditional form of marketing. For example, it’s repetitive and imposes itself to an audience, whether they want it or not. These days, the most common examples are radio and TV ads, banners, newspapers, billboards, magazines, pop-ups, and others.

Difference Between Inbound And Outbound Marketing
However, in the last couple of years, this type of advertising has fallen out of favor due to internet progress. People stopped noticing display ads. Additionally, ad blocker apps have only made things worse. A lot of experts believe that broadcast, outdoor, and print are overrated marketing tactics and not popular anymore.

What inbound marketing stands for?

Inbound marketing is a relatively new form of advertising, where marketers try to attract new customers with appealing content. Also, this technique is called content marketing and involves social media, blog posts, white papers, infographics, email newsletters, and other forms of content people want to read.

On the other hand, marketers apply search engine optimization and paid to discover content online. If the content is engaging enough, readers will interact with it, share it, and form a positive impression. All these features later might affect purchasing decisions.

Keep in mind that inbound marketing is quite indirect and hands-off, and there is never a noticeable sales pitch. But, it increases customer’s engagement with a brand and basically nudges people to buy a specific product or service.

Which one is more effective?

Nowadays, we can say that inbound marketing is by far more fashionable, while nearly 71% of companies around the world are focused on this form of advertising. Most certainly, inbound offers a more superior ROI, and it’s 62% less expensive compared to outbound.

However, we can hardly measure the effectiveness of inbound marketing. In most cases, the majority of strategies rely on increasing brand awareness, while at the same time, they provide value and not giving the hard sell. Therefore, it’s quite challenging to determine how well your strategy will work.


On the other hand, the biggest con of traditional marketing is its price. Also, it’s not very responsive, and you aren’t targeting a specific audience. Basically, marketers spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns, send it out into the world, while they hope for the best.

For that reason, most companies neglect outbound marketing because it won’t help them increase sales. And, let’s be honest, telemarketing will hardly ever make sense for the majority of the brands.

Things such as contextual ads, retargeting pixels, and Lookalike Audience enable Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Twitter to display ads, which target customers based on their interests.

How to find the right marketing strategy for you?

In most cases, the best marketing strategy for your company will be the one that works. You should always explore new things, and note changes, for the better or for worse. Please, be aware that the audience changes also, so, what worked two years ago, might not work now.People get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. Therefore, it might be wise to combine inbound and outbound marketing to achieve the optimal results.

How To Start A Furniture Business?

Starting a furniture business is similar to any other type of business. So, before you get into things such as business plan, location, permits, and licenses, you should consider motivation, as well as the reasons why you are starting this company.

A lot of people go into custom design furniture business because it brings a lot of opportunities, as well as profit.

Nowadays, everyone wants to have a unique piece of furniture, and that costs a lot of money. Therefore, if you have considered your options and want to know how to start a furniture business, then we have a couple of suggestions for you.

Start from the beginning H2

While formal education is desirable, it won’t determine the success of your business. In fact, you should realize that customers want furniture designed according to their needs, and as long as you can deliver that, your company will thrive.


However, here are a couple of tips you should follow, which might help achieve profit and run a successful business.

Budget H3

Establishing how much money you’ll need to launch a business is a challenging task. When you are a beginner, you should focus customer’s requirements, not wants. For instance, you can open an office in an attractive location, but that might cost you a lot of money to get off the ground.

On the other hand, an online store might be a better alternative. In this case, you will work directly with customers for less money.

Don’t decide anything until you discover the customer’s demands

Even if you thoroughly research the market, and you may think you understand customers’ tastes, you might be surprised by what models are in demand and what’s currently popular. Therefore, you may try offering different pieces of furniture, as well as services. Don’t limit yourself to one design only until you have some experience, to understand your clients’ needs.

Day-to-day task H3

Discounting and marking pieces of furniture, taking care of the inventory, managing customer service, warehouse space, as well as sales, are part of the furniture business. All these commitments will get in your way and prevent you from committing to actual design work, so you won’t have much time to create furniture.If you don’t want your business to suffer, then you will have to hire some help.

Review market H3

Having an online shop, either exclusively or along with the physical one, can help you sell your furniture across the globe. However, selling furniture overseas involves shipping costs, customs clearance, and others.

Write a mission statement H2

With an excellent mission statement, you will set yourself apart from the competition. For instance, you should consider your initial goals and stick to them. Along the way, you should determine the most ideal ways to invest your money, to further boost your passion for furniture.


If you want to create a powerful missions statement, then answering these questions might help you:

Why do you want to start this type of company?
Is this a short-term or long-term business?
What unique values you have to add to an already saturated market?

Additionally, decide how do you want to sell your products. You can either open a shop and design affordable pieces or make custom furniture, which can be sold through someone else’s brick and mortar store.

Set a fair price H2

Determining the price is the next important step in this process. This doesn’t only include materials, but also the actual value and manufacturing quality. Therefore, setting up the price might determine the success or failure of your business.Again, it all depends on the furniture you want to sell.

No Call No Show Excuses

It seems that nowadays, no one wants to go to work; therefore, people often resort to various excuses just to avoid commitment or enjoy the extended weekend. Also, a lot of people are doing jobs they don’t like, work too many hours, and have less time for themselves.

On the other hand, some were lucky enough to find great jobs, have excellent salaries, work from home, and similar.

However, if you don’t fall into this group, then you have probably interested in no call no show excuses, which might help you catch some breath.

Now, let review some of the examples that apply to your case!

You did leave a message, but they didn’t get it!

So, let’s start with a simple lie about not calling to explain why didn’t you go to work. However, you must consider whether this is a good option for you or not. It mostly depends on your boss, as well as coworkers, and whether they will back you up by saying that they forgot to pass the message on.


Although, keep in mind that this excuse won’t work if your boss already asked the entire office about your absence. In that case, maybe someone has blown your cover, and you can’t take that risk. In our opinion, there might be a couple of places where this could work, but there aren’t that many. For that reason, keep your options open before you make a final decision.

Mental health

Mental health or depression is probably one of the most common excuses discussed on the web, and if we might add, a good one. Anxiety and depression are frequent issues happening in workplaces around the world. People are under a lot of pressure and they have a hard time catching up with everything.

Nowadays, there are so many people who really suffer from depression, are sad and have to desire to live. If you were lucky enough never to experience this, then you don’t have even the slightest idea how they feel. However, let’s talk about excuses because depression can be a valid one.

On the other hand, if you are an ongoing, cheerful, and happy person, then this excuse might not work. In this case, the boss may even ask you to submit notes from a physician to verify your claims.

You were so sick that you couldn’t call

This one could actually work. You could say you were really ill, you had a high fever, headache, and you basically passed out in the bed until it was too late to call. Therefore, it would be wise to get a doctor’s note, to avoid suspension or termination.


On the other hand, your boss might ask you why didn’t you send an email to notify him about your absence. For that reason, think through about everything before you even resort to this excuse.

Slipping pill

This is, in fact, a really interesting excuse. For example, you have issues falling asleep, took too many pills, and slept through the alarm.

You woke up much later and felt embarrassed to call and explain everything.At the same time, it sounds simple and stupid; that’s why it might work.

Family emergency

A family emergency is often used as the number one excuse for not calling and not going to work. A lot of people will respect your privacy, and by just telling you had a personal emergency, and nothing more can sound serious enough for your boss to give you a second chance.However, you may want to keep this one in your sleeve for an actual emergency you could have one day.

Low-Cost Business Ideas with Huge Profit

Dream big, spend big, and earn big. Well, that’s what they say. But starting at humble beginnings will take you to greater heights rather than going all in into a business where you aren’t making any profit at all. Some people can’t let go of a hundred-dollar paycheck just for starting a business. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Because in reality, you can earn with just a few cash on hand.

Organizing money is something that we fail to do most of the time. But if you’re using it for necessary purposes, then there won’t be a problem. But if you want money to flow smoothly day by day, then a low-cost business is something you should try out. Keep in mind that not all low-cost businesses will guarantee you to have a bulky wallet. For example, captcha and online survey jobs is not worth your time and they pay you with a salary for ants.

That’s why we should focus on low-cost jobs with higher-profit opportunities. With that said, listed below are four low-cost jobs that will surely guarantee you with huge profit. Let’s have a look!


Being a freelancer is time-consuming, but your payroll s definitely booming. If you the skills for writing, graphic designing, online bookkeeping, and the like. Then this job might be for you. And it doesn’t even cost you a grand as well. As long as you have a decent laptop paired with an internet connection, then you’re good to go.

However, you may need some extra tools and software for a specific freelancing job. It will come with a price for sure, so choose one that’s affordable and suited for you. Don’t worry, it’ll be worth it in the end.

E-Book Writing

Love to write? Then start creating e-books. It’s just like article writing, but only a book. As time consuming as it sounds, if you love to write, then you’re in for a treat. You can write about anything you want ranging from different categories. Be it pets, lifestyle, health, food, whatever that comes into your mind, make an e-book out of it.

You can then sell your e-books to online shops and gain instant profit. That, of course, if there are people who are going to buy it as well. Remember, you may have to spend a bit extra for the marketing to spread the good news about your e-books.


Are you good at something? Such as video editing, photo manipulating, or online financing? Then become an online coach! This way, you can help people and earn money at the same time. Since you’re passionate about a specific skill you have, then there will never be a dull moment in coaching.

Keep in mind that you must know how to manage your time when coaching. And remember, if you are experienced in that particular skill you have, you will garner more clients and earn more profit than what you have expected.

Online Courses

Just like coaching, if you love teaching, then you can offer online courses. Keep in mind that you may have to pay for additional teaching software and online tools such as a high-quality screen recorder to make presentable online course sessions.

However, it doesn’t have to be that costly. In fact, a PowerPoint presentation will suffice, as long as it’s presentable to be viewed at. The best part is you are limitless when teaching online courses. You can teach whatever you want as long as you’re good at it. If you’re considering to have this job, online courses sites such as “Udemy” and “Teachable” will help you to get a good start.

Earn Profit with These Ten Small Business Ideas

Every business, no matter how small it is, can turn into a huge money making machine. This is because most small businesses don’t demand expensive training and comes with low capital requirements. And with that said, listed below are ten profit-making small businesses that you’ll surely love to try on.

Garage Sale Organizer

Fancy organizing garage sales? Then be one! You can make easy money just by organizing other people’s garage sale. Tell your clients that you’ll take care of anything from the advertising and down to the selling of the items itself. The best part is you don’t have to scout for people that’s too far away for a start since your neighbors are already enough for a good starting point.

Window Washer

Who would’ve that that cleaning windows is equal to a happy wallet? Yes, it is! Some huge window cleaning services will require a lot of equipment. But humble beginnings don’t have to be that costly. With a few selected equipment on hand, you can start your own window cleaning services at your neighborhood and earn some cash.

Virtual Assistant

Stop browsing Facebook and YouTube all day and start applying to become a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant has a lot of benefits and the salary is definitely worth it. But of course, this will depend on your workload as well. There are myriads of clients all over the web who are in dire need of a virtual assistant. So don’t miss your chance and start applying for the position now.

Senior Care

Home for the aged establishments are looking for people that can take care of seniors. And this is the perfect job opportunity if you love taking care of such. Keep in mind that you must do this job because it’s your passion to take care of people, not because you’re being forced for the sake of money.

Shoe Repair

Do not underestimate the power of being a shoe repairman/woman. This small job can lead to a bulky wallet if marketed and done correctly. The best place to open your shoe repair shop is in the heart of the city, where people can reach you out instantly.

Dog Walking/Pet Related Business

If you love dogs, or pets in general, then this job is for you. The key for a successful pet-related business is to deliver higher value than what your clients expect. Remember, they put their trust into your hands so make sure that you tend their pets with love and passion.

Home Renovation Business

If you have the skill how to design and renovate homes, then say no more with this job. Keep in mind that you need the right equipment before you can begin and having a team to help you out is an added bonus as well.


Have big brains for math? Do you love mingling with numbers, especially accounting stuff? Then bookkeeping is definitely the job for you! If you’re skilled in this profession, then don’t let it come to waste. QuickBooks is an online bookkeeping/accounting program that can help you with your bookkeeping journey. However, this program comes with a price. But if you’re willing to pay for the sake of this profession, then you’re good to go.

Social Media Manager

Being a social media manager can be exhausting, but worth it. To be one, you must be knowledgeable about English and literature since you will be writing articles most of the time. Not only that, you will also be dealing with SEO, plugins, and keywords as well. So keep your vocabulary game at its peak at all times.

Ride Sharing Driver

The ride sharing industry is an ever evolving community. As time goes by, more and more people are opting for this job for quick and easy cash. If you have a car, you can use it to become an Uber driver. However, if you don’t have one, Uber can lend one for you. Special licenses and insurances may apply so you don’t have to deal with costly car repairs if something bad happens.

Top Nine Best Foreign Language Jobs

Businesses have been flowing freely from another country to another. That’s why more and more businesses are in dire need of a good bilingual speaking worker. They say English is the primary language around the world. But how about countries that doesn’t have English as their native language?  Language fluency is a must for these countries for them to perform smoothly inside the workplace.

Keep in mind that not all foreign jobs require language fluency. As long as you know how to speak other languages, then that’ll be fine. But being able to speak them fluently is an added bonus. With that said, if you have the skill for such, listed below are nine foreign language jobs that you’ll surely love to try on. Let’s have a look at them.


An interpreter’s job is to convert/translate a spoken word into a language that can be understood by a non-english speaking group of people. Keep in mind that being a translator must have knowledge about the culture and subject matter of both the source and the target language to make everything go smoothly.

Being a translator doesn’t require any bachelor’s degree. However, there are some companies who prefer applicants to have one for the sake of formality. It is also not necessary to be a degree that’s related to language and literature as any degree will do.

Flight Attendant

A flight attendant’s job is to keep the safety of the crew and passengers of the plane. Not only that, they are also the ones who will tend to the passenger’s needs such as snacks, beverages, and meals.

Since airlines will fly to different parts of the world, employers will likely hire applicants that are bilingual/multilingual. The best part is that a high school diploma will suffice. So if you just graduated from middle school, you can follow your dreams to be a flight attendant. Applicants will then undergo a 3-4 weeks training before they can be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Head Chef/Cook

Being the head chef/cook of a restaurant requires multi-language fluency to be able to communicate with their staff that came from different countries. Being multilingual enables them to manage and supervise people effectively.

A head chef/cook doesn’t need formal training since the learning process will undergo in the actual environment on the spot.

Registered Nurse

Also shortened as “RN”, a registered nurse cares for the patients who are suffering from injuries or for those who are in the midst between life and death. Being bilingual will definitely help an RN to do their job efficiently since not all patients have English as their native language.

Being an RN needs a diploma or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. One must also pass a nursing’s licensing exam as well.


Since we’re talking about hospital stuff above, a multilingual doctor is also needed for them to be able to communicate with patients that doesn’t have English as their primary language. This is crucially needed especially if you’re applying to be a doctor in another country.

To be a doctor, one must graduate from medical school and have a license. Additionally, med school graduates are also required to complete a three to eight-year residency before they can apply to be one.

Post-Secondary Teacher

Being a post-secondary teacher of a foreign language requires multilingual abilities, especially in reading and writing. Your job as a post-secondary teacher involves hopping to different schools and universities from another country to another.

That’s why being able to read and write in different languages is a must for post-secondary teachers. Some institutions will require a doctorate of a certain language before people can apply to be one.

Physician Assistant

Back to hospital stuff, a physician assistant’s (PA) job is to examine, diagnose, and treat patients. Being able to speak to different languages is a big bonus for PA’s.

Before you can enter this field, you are required to have a master’s degree from a PA training program right after you graduated from college.

Mental Health Counselor

A mental health counselor tends to people’s emotional and mental needs, especially depression and addictions. Being able to speak to different languages is a huge benefit for a mental health counselor as different patients may come from different cultures and countries.

It is also required to have master’s degree in the mental health field before you can apply for this job. A state-issued license is also needed as well.

 Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is the one who is in charge of the whole marketing team. And keep in mind that a marketing team will probably contain people from different countries. That’s why being multilingual will definitely come in useful as a marketing manager.

Language fluency and culture knowledge is required since you will be marketing your products to other parts of the world.

A Brief Timeline Explanation from Interview to Job Offer

Finding a job is like finding a needle in a haystack. With myriads of companies around, each of them requires an interview before you can get the position. The hiring process will vary from what company you are applying in. It’s not like an instant process where you can get hired in a matter of hours or days. Sometimes, it can even go for weeks. Below, we are going to break down each process of a job interview up to the day you will get the job offer.


This is the point where a company’s hiring process begins. You will see a lot of them posting flyers, being noisy and loud on social media because they are in dire need of an employee, and so on. People will notice the recruitments and will start filling up various form and applications that is then processed by the hiring manager.

Once done, the applicants will be scheduled for an interview. For those applying from faraway places, a video interview will be required. This will vary by software as well, with the most common one being Skype. But there are also other alternatives such as Zoom, and among others. Keep in mind that video interviews need a fast internet connection for it to go smoothly. There’s nothing worse than seeing a pixelated video of your employer paired with jaggy audio.

If the first interview goes well, the company will then schedule you for another interview to ask even more questions. This will test how willing you are for the position you’re applying in. If the first interview you’ve been on is via phone call, the second interview is more likely to be in person.

The Waiting Game

The amount of time from the interview to the job offer will vary. If you’re a fresh graduate, it’ll take about 24 days or even longer. However, this is not the case for others. As I’ve said, it varies from the company you are applying on. In some cases, you will receive a job offer after a week, while some others are dragging. What’s even worse is that some companies will not notify those who failed the interview and just disregard them immediately.

Why Wait?

There are various factors why a company won’t hire an employee immediately. The most common reason is that they still have plenty of candidates to interview within the week, and that part of the process is time-consuming.

Another case is that there might be a problem inside the company involving the HR process. Resolving the problem may take days or weeks depending on its kind. Lastly, the hiring manager may be busy with other things to take care off, where hiring new employees became their last priority.

Do Your Part

While waiting, it’s better to look for even more jobs and be interviewed for open positions. This will give you a lot of choices which job suits best for you when the job offer comes. Don’t you just love being flooded by job offers?

Follow Up

After the interview, make it a habit to send a “thank you” email to the hiring manager or employer. They will surely appreciate if you do. However, if you haven’t received any job offer after 10 to 14 days, this is the time where you have to make a phone call to the company to clear things up. Remember, be polite when making a call. If being verbal isn’t your cup of tea, you can send them an email instead.

Five Tips to Survive Your First Interview

The moment you get a call for your first job interview, the feeling of being anxious and nervous combined is inevitable. Today, we are going to give you some few tips to make everything go well in your first ever job interview. Remember, this interview can make or break you so do your best and get that position you’ve been wanting for. Let’s begin!

Be Serious About It

Most people just disregard their first interview thinking that it’ll just be quick and easy. It’s important to get rid of this kind of mindset because every interview, no matter what kind, should be taken seriously. This is the time where your employer will make a first impression about you, and if you’re serious about the job you want to enter in.

Research is a Must

It’s always ideal to research the company you applied for to give you a deeper history of it. This way, you will be prepared what kind of answers you will reply when being interviewed. And since you’re doing research, you can also show off your knowledge about the company to impress your employer.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t go to the battlefield empty handed. Always make it a habit to practice your answers days before the actual interview. Practicing will make you less nervous and be more confident when being interviewed.

Stand Out Among the Rest

Remember, it’s not only you who’s racing for the position. That’s why do your best to stand out among the rest. Be brave and enthusiastic. Let the employer see how excited and willing you are to get that position. This gives you more chances of being hired.

Follow Up

When everything is done, make sure to thank the interviewer after the session. And don’t just wait for weeks doing nothing. Always keep in touch with the company and be updated so that they’ll remember you, giving you a higher chance of being employed because of your eagerness.

Six Essential Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business

Starting a food truck business is not a walk in the park. In fact, there are several things that you need to do before you garner business success. Listed below are six tips to help you with that. Continue reading on to find out.

A License is a Must

Every business, no matter big or small, needs to have a license before anything else. You can’t just start selling products and earn profit on the streets in a jiffy. Licenses such as business permits, city health department certificates, and some other stuff needs to be tend on before opening a business. So before you start, always put in your mind to get all the necessary license and other paperwork to save yourself from trouble.

Think Before You Start

Second, you must determine the niche after getting licenses. This is crucially important, especially if the area you’re selling on has already a lot of food trucks around. If that is the case, find another location where food trucks are almost non-existent. In that way, you will have fewer competitors to compete on, resulting to easy cash if you market your food truck business in that specific area effectively.

Do it Because You Want To

Stop having a mindset of opening a business just to earn profit only. Do it because you want to and because you love doing it. What’s the point of having a business if you’re not into it anyways? If you’re doing it just for the sake of money, then it will probably go downhill as time goes by.

The Right Location Matters

Next, it’s time to pick the right location where you want your business to thrive. Ideally, you can place it on public places near establishments. However, depending on the city/town you are in, this is not allowed. Instead, set it up where you are allowed to but make sure that area has a lot of buzz and people going on it. Your schedule also matters as well. Keep in mind that this is not a 9 to 5 job so don’t stress yourself out on working at a fixed schedule.

Cart Versus Truck

If you don’t have the cash just yet, then consider getting a food cart as it’s less costly. However, if you want to break your savings for the sake of your business, then a food truck will do. However, make sure that you opt for a food truck that has all the necessary equipment in store. Keep in mind that food trucks can cost a grand depending on the type. It’s up to you if you’re willing to sacrifice your bank account for that or just stay low key with a food cart for now.

Consider Investing in a POS System

Having a POS system is a lifesaver for your food cart/truck business. They can process and automate your systems, payments, inventory, send out offers to your customers, and the like. However, this is only optional for a food cart/truck business. But if you’re planning to create a franchise out of it then this is definitely an option that you want to go with.