Top Nine Best Foreign Language Jobs

Businesses have been flowing freely from another country to another. That’s why more and more businesses are in dire need of a good bilingual speaking worker. They say English is the primary language around the world. But how about countries that doesn’t have English as their native language?  Language fluency is a must for these countries for them to perform smoothly inside the workplace.

Keep in mind that not all foreign jobs require language fluency. As long as you know how to speak other languages, then that’ll be fine. But being able to speak them fluently is an added bonus. With that said, if you have the skill for such, listed below are nine foreign language jobs that you’ll surely love to try on. Let’s have a look at them.


An interpreter’s job is to convert/translate a spoken word into a language that can be understood by a non-english speaking group of people. Keep in mind that being a translator must have knowledge about the culture and subject matter of both the source and the target language to make everything go smoothly.

Being a translator doesn’t require any bachelor’s degree. However, there are some companies who prefer applicants to have one for the sake of formality. It is also not necessary to be a degree that’s related to language and literature as any degree will do.

Flight Attendant

A flight attendant’s job is to keep the safety of the crew and passengers of the plane. Not only that, they are also the ones who will tend to the passenger’s needs such as snacks, beverages, and meals.

Since airlines will fly to different parts of the world, employers will likely hire applicants that are bilingual/multilingual. The best part is that a high school diploma will suffice. So if you just graduated from middle school, you can follow your dreams to be a flight attendant. Applicants will then undergo a 3-4 weeks training before they can be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Head Chef/Cook

Being the head chef/cook of a restaurant requires multi-language fluency to be able to communicate with their staff that came from different countries. Being multilingual enables them to manage and supervise people effectively.

A head chef/cook doesn’t need formal training since the learning process will undergo in the actual environment on the spot.

Registered Nurse

Also shortened as “RN”, a registered nurse cares for the patients who are suffering from injuries or for those who are in the midst between life and death. Being bilingual will definitely help an RN to do their job efficiently since not all patients have English as their native language.

Being an RN needs a diploma or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. One must also pass a nursing’s licensing exam as well.


Since we’re talking about hospital stuff above, a multilingual doctor is also needed for them to be able to communicate with patients that doesn’t have English as their primary language. This is crucially needed especially if you’re applying to be a doctor in another country.

To be a doctor, one must graduate from medical school and have a license. Additionally, med school graduates are also required to complete a three to eight-year residency before they can apply to be one.

Post-Secondary Teacher

Being a post-secondary teacher of a foreign language requires multilingual abilities, especially in reading and writing. Your job as a post-secondary teacher involves hopping to different schools and universities from another country to another.

That’s why being able to read and write in different languages is a must for post-secondary teachers. Some institutions will require a doctorate of a certain language before people can apply to be one.

Physician Assistant

Back to hospital stuff, a physician assistant’s (PA) job is to examine, diagnose, and treat patients. Being able to speak to different languages is a big bonus for PA’s.

Before you can enter this field, you are required to have a master’s degree from a PA training program right after you graduated from college.

Mental Health Counselor

A mental health counselor tends to people’s emotional and mental needs, especially depression and addictions. Being able to speak to different languages is a huge benefit for a mental health counselor as different patients may come from different cultures and countries.

It is also required to have master’s degree in the mental health field before you can apply for this job. A state-issued license is also needed as well.

 Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is the one who is in charge of the whole marketing team. And keep in mind that a marketing team will probably contain people from different countries. That’s why being multilingual will definitely come in useful as a marketing manager.

Language fluency and culture knowledge is required since you will be marketing your products to other parts of the world.