Types Of Data Entry

A data entry operator and virtual assistant share similar responsibilities. While the secretary sits in an office, answers the phone, and puts data into computers, a virtual assistant works from home and sends information via the internet.

Since business hours are becoming more flexible, the companies are opening different types of data entry positions. On the other hand, employees believe that working from home and choosing working hours brings better productivity.

However, a data entry job is a stationary work, and you may have to spend hours in front of a computer. Therefore, at times this job may appear tedious, repetitive, and somewhat boring. But, it’s the easiest way to earn cash from home. You basically enter personal information, financial data, bank transactions into their system, and sometimes you may have to process incoming and outgoing orders.

So, here are a couple of jobs that might interest you if you decide to take this career path.

Data entry keyer

In this case, you will get numbers, order data, and items, which you enter into the computer software. They include various things, such as data from cheques, licenses, and so on. After you enter the data, everything is checked for mistakes or missing data.


Sometimes, you will have to search for data between several documents available. For this position, you don’t need formal education or training since the employer will provide you the detailed instruction. However, you’ll have to be computer literate.


Typist enters data, which is used to create mailing labels, letters, reports, and so on. But, keep in mind that excellent writing skills, grammar, and punctuation are a necessity for this job. Additionally, typist has to proofread and format text.

Occasionally, you will have to work on technical stuff or use specialized data to create graphs, charts, tables. Same as the previous position, you don’t require formal training since you will learn everything on the spot.


In this case, you listen to dictation that is already recorded, while transcribing data into required documents and reports. Here you also need to have an excellent sense of grammar and must have a great typing speed.

You can get a data entry job on legal, medical, and other firms. However, in this case, you will require formal training in transcription.

Data entry clerks

Same as similar positions, data entry clerks insert information into a database. This job offers full-time working hours since many companies offer data entry services for their clients. In this case, you will need to type fast and be accurate.

Among the required skills is the ability to notice mistakes, attention to details, and focus on data. Additionally, these skills can help you identify minor mistakes, inform your supervisors, and possibly get a promotion.

Online form filling

You will receive a specific data you will need to use to fill online forms. Considering a highly competitive market, a lot of companies want to be or remain on top of the internet search. Therefore, they are ready to pay a lot of money to other businesses that perform an online form fill up.


You just have to fill out the online form at the comfort of your home and earn money for that. The employer will provide you with instructions and necessary details.
As you can see, these five jobs are basically different kinds of data entry.

The best think about this position is the fact that you don’t need a formal education. Essentially, you learn everything on the spot, since employee offers you all the things you need to know.Many of them are ready to train their employees, to achieve optimal results.